Bringing the textbook to life.

Fall 2020




The ecoText "ecoSystem" allows students to take advantage of their course material without financial burden on day one. 

From Open Educational Resources (OER) to licensed textbooks, students, institutions and content-creators all benefit.


ecoText Saves You Money 

Students can save up to 80% on their textbooks. ecoText saves students money by eliminating the high costs of traditional textbooks by working closely with classrooms, departments, and colleges.

30% of collegiate students do not purchase textbooks due to the price. This problem leads to increased educational inequality around the country with economically disadvantaged students forgoing their critical books.

The Ultimate Collaborative Learning Tool

The ecoText app allows students to work together to share published notes and highlights: right within the margins.

Professors and administrators receive student engagement insights to better understand their classroom.

The Future is Green

ecoText is focused on building a sustainable future. The ecoText app will be able to save 3,600 trees annually for every 15,000 students.

That is equivalent to a forest the size of Fenway Park in Boston, MA. 

Taking the Next Step

ecoText has commenced a pre-seed fundraising round to bring our solution to students and professors across the country.

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