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ecoText is a social learning platform that makes student engagement easy

ecoText provides a clear path for instructors to empower their scholars. Set your classroom up in minutes by clicking the magic link here. It’s that easy.

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For Education

Strengthen the understanding of key concepts

Your students can strengthen their understanding of key course concepts by engaging with one another in the margins with notes.

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For Education

Spark critical thinking

Your students can remember how each course concept builds on top of the other by performing self-assessments with polls and quizzes.

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For Education

Learn from your past and prepare for the future

You and your students can better understand what led to positive or negative outcomes in real-time by viewing your analytics dashboard.

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For Education

Make learning a way of life

Learning is a lifelong process. With ecoText, your students become inspired to continue learning in the classroom and beyond by collaborating in groups.

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ecoText is a social learning platform that makes student engagement easy

See how educators leverage ecoText to create lifelong learning experiences for their students.

Case Study:  "A Classroom Hero: Betty Woodman"

Classroom stories

Hear from teachers who have used and approve ecoText for their classroom.

Amy Voorhees Headshot

"Using ecoText with a curated selection of Constitutional Law cases allowed students to show us in real-time which parts of the text were meaningful to them and why and demonstrated their engagement with the text itself. For any information-dense subject, it provides an accessible channel for students to raise questions in the context of the reading and gives teachers the chance to respond there or use that feedback to shape the class discussion."

Amy Voorhees Constitutional Law Instructor at Kent School

Bobby Walker Headshot

"ecoText provides the perfect platform for my students to interact with our classroom materials, to interact with me as I pose questions to them, and, most importantly, they can interact with each other to further their learning."

Bobby Walker 10th Grade History Instructor & Assistant Head of School for Student and Community Life at Greenwich Academy


"With ecoText, I can adjust the homework to encourage group work so I can focus on addressing problems the class is stuck on."

Ngozi Onyia Lecturer Chemistry at Adelphi University

Kelsie Eckhert

“The Remedial Herstory Project is thrilled to partner with ecoText. We are entirely dedicated to bringing meaningful curriculum and resources to the primary and secondary classrooms and believe ecoText’s tools will give teachers more resources to make complex materials and texts accessible to more students. We share their passion for reforming education and making it more inclusive.”

Kelsie Eckert President of Remedial Herstory Project & Professor at Plymouth State University

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Modern tech built for your student's success

Check out our suite of collaborative features that your students can use to increase their abilities to learn effectively. 

Everything your students can do you can too as an instructor.


Social Notes

Students can start conversations in the margins of any text to share ideas and increase learning opportunities.



Students can create groups that help them stay connected in our out of class.




Students can be assessed with quizzes to measure their competency in real-time.




Students can use polls to quickly gather information from their peers that help them learn more.



In-app support

Students can simply “@ecoText” in the margins of any text and our team will come to the rescue. We will never help students cheat.



You can easily check in on your student's progress over the year to help them reach their full potential.




Students can explore our database of over 100,000 resources for their research.




Students can upload any of their necessary resources to use on ecoText directly in-app.