A Classroom Hero: Betty Woodman

Below is a case study sharing the engaging, personalized, and collaborative learning experience Prof. Betty Woodman's students had on ecoText. 



The total number of students who are leveraged ecoText at The University of New Hampshire.


The total number of interactions between students including highlights, notes, mentions and more.


The average number of out-of-classroom hours each student spent on ecoText.  

The Challenge

The Business Ethics course at the University of New Hampshire conducted a pilot of the ecoText software during the fall semester of 2021. Three sections totaling 210 students signed up for the platform. These 210 students were primarily first-year students (85%), with a smaller percentage of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

The pilot was intended to explore the usefulness of ecoText in increasing engagement over the curriculum, measuring peer-to-peer interactions, and strengthening comprehension of the material.

We chose four key readings for the ecoText pilot. These titles included:: Michael Porter & Mark Kramer, “Creating Shared Value”Joseph Desjardins, “Virtue Ethics”, Carl Hoffman, “Why the BP Oil Rig Blowout Happened,”, and Bill George, Peter Sims, Andrew N. McLean, and Diana Mayer, “Discovering you Authentic Leadership”.

Students earned points for each reflection made on key quotes they selected through the platform. 

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The Solution

ecoText Co-Founders Joel, Nkounkou,  Nelson Thomas, Dylan Wheeler, and (FMR.) VP of Growth Kolby Tracey visited the classroom to assist in signing up students. 

The ecoText team provided an overview of the company and ecoText software product, helped students sign up with login/passwords, and stepped through a brief training for students on how to use the product.

Students selected key quotes from the texts and reflected on them in the margins of the text. The benefits that emerged from this student engagement fell into three main categories.

1) The ways that the tool helped students strengthen their comprehension of key course concepts.

2) The ways the tool sparked critical engagement and connections with other materials.

3) the ways the tool inspired students to apply course concepts to applications outside the classroom

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The Result

Prof. Betty Woodman's Business Ethics course demonstrates that students become enthusiastic and engaged in the curriculum given the proper tools. 

Students spoke about how they enjoyed ecoText and found it easy to use. Students also appreciated how ecoText made the reading experience more comprehensive by being able to interact with their peers over the text at any time.

For more on the ecoText experience, scroll to hear from the students themselves! 


Become a Classroom Hero

ecoText makes empowering your students easy. Join educators like Betty Woodman and increase your student's engagement with our technology.  

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ecoText is a beneficial class-ready tool for engaged classroom discussion. Plus their team is there to support you every step of the way. I highly recommend ecoText!

Professor Business and Ethics, University of New Hampshire

“I really liked using ecoText. I found it really easy to make comments and highlights important quotes. I think the interactive annotations make it really stand out from other annotating apps. It was cool to see other students’ annotations and it is a really convenient way to share ideas and get clarifications for any questions. I also like how easy it is to find specific annotations and notes.”

Student University of New Hampshire

“I thought that ecoText was easy to use, stress-free website. Finding certain texts and readings was easy to find and there were many different resources to choose from. I liked that I was able to see my other classmates’ feedback on the readings and what their perspectives were on it.”

Student University of New Hampshire

“ecoText it’s something that I can see myself using in future classes. I believe working in a group or studying in a group is usually better than studying alone. With ecoText, I can review the same materials but look at other people's opinions on that material which will be very helpful.”

Student University of New Hampshire

“ I overall really liked the website and found it very convenient and helpful in reading whatever materials we are learning. My favorite feature is how easy it is to highlight and leave notes, and how you can choose whether to have your notes public or private. I also think it is cool how you have the option to change the font and font size of the text. I think it would be good if they also added more colors to highlight text with.”

Student University of New Hampshire

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