How ecoText helped students at Kent School

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During the pandemic, we had the opportunity to work with Kent School to pilot ecoText in their classrooms.

This is their story. ⬇️

Kent School is a boarding school located in the picturesque village of Kent, Connecticut.

If you do not already know, students travel from across the world to attend schools like Kent.

Amy Voorhees, Director of the Library, had a particular challenge when thinking of converting her classroom to a virtual or blended environment.

In her course, Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and the Supreme Court, she was responsible for building comprehensive learning experiences surrounding critical supreme court decisions that shaped our country’s history.

These supreme court decisions, such as Brown v. Board of Education or Plessy v. Ferguson, can be challenging for any student, let alone ninth and tenth graders over zoom.

The question became, how do we have engaging learning experiences over important information in an unfamiliar learning environment?

Amy decided that ecoText’s ability to enable dynamic conversations within the margins of the text could help her students achieve success regardless of where they might be.

Here is what she had to say.

“Using ecoText with a curated selection of Constitutional Law cases allowed students to show us in real-time which parts of the text were meaningful to them and why, and demonstrated their engagement with the text itself. For any information-dense subject, it provides an accessible channel for students to raise questions in the context of the reading and gives teachers the chance to respond there or use that feedback to shape the class discussion. ”

— Amy Voorhees Kent School (CT)

We also had the opportunity to hear from her students.

“I don’t always take notes when reading in a textbook, but being asked to make notes in ecoText forced me to think more about what I was reading. As a result, I think I also now remember it better!”

Kent School Student.

The pandemic has created many disappointing classroom experiences. Yet, despite the challenges teachers faced this past year, Amy was able to provide her students with an engaging experience that deepened their understanding of critical supreme court decisions that shaped our country’s history.

We are excited to continue working alongside institutions to shape comprehensive learning experiences for students across the country.

If you are interested in piloting ecoText in your classroom, we would love to talk to you. You can reach us at

We look forward to helping you create more learning moments for your students.