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We have heard from educators across the country about the challenges they face in creating engaging classroom experiences. For example, it can be difficult to know if students are comprehending your lessons each day. Insufficient methods of measuring student comprehension often lead to pop quizzes or open-ended questions answered by blank stares and silence.

These methods prohibit students from understanding how they are absorbing the material in real-time. They do not provide the ability for ideas and concerns to be addressed when they are fresh in the student’s mind. Instead, those ideas can be lost in the interim time between class periods.

We know the lack of classroom engagement and comprehension can become frustrating. You are not alone. Our team has been listening to educators, studying student habits, and testing approaches on how technology can help address these learning gaps.

One of the ways we have seen educators try to correct this is by asking probing questions in the margins adjacent to the passages in question. That way, the student can see how the question directly correlates to the topic being discussed.

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Our team helps instructors increase comprehension of class materials by making them more engaging. One of the ways you can do this on our platform is by asking probing questions right within the margins of the text.

To do this, use our social note-taking feature before your students jump into the reading for the night and leave some questions, prompts, or reflections in the margins for them to answer as they progress.

In addition, you can also create polls and quizzes on ecoText that can help you gauge student receptiveness to the classroom materials, helping you better understand where to spend class time the next day to fill in the gaps. This is a radical transformation enabling you to be proactive rather than reactive. And your students will thank you for it!


These comments can be left right in the margins where you want your students to engage. That correlation can help enhance the connection with the content and reinforce what they have read in real-time. In addition, these questions can emphasize essential points within the reading and help students leave questions that could reduce learning loss within the classroom.

Many students are still trying to recover from what has been a challenging two-year period for us all. Examinations have a specific role in the classroom, but they don’t allow us to understand the student’s journey while completing assignments outside the classroom. Making it easier for students to articulate their thoughts and point of view will positively impact their confidence and ability to reach their full intellectual potential. Now that’s something to be proud of!

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