Leveraging Modern Tools To Optimize Learning

Posted on by ecoText

ecoText and the UNH Alumni Association are excited to co-host, Leveraging Modern Digital Tools to Optimize Learning.

In dramatically changing times in our society, academia is a world that has been greatly impacted. With the uncertainty that we may feel in our collective futures, it is important to provide reassurance by equipping our academic institutions with the tools they need to properly prepare our leaders of tomorrow. ecoText is excited to share its insights on the changing landscape of academia and how we can work to maintain the standard of education that has made our colleges some of the most desired in the world. Join CEO, Joel Nkounkou, class of ’18, as he shares his insights and understanding of how big and small tech is the gateway to doing just that.

To register visit ecotext.co/webinars

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you there.

— The ecoText Team