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Three Benefits to Teaching Students Soft Skills

Read this blog post discussing the benefits of teaching students critical thinking, collaboration, and more in your...

Until It Works for Community Colleges, It Doesn’t Work

Read this Op-Ed by our COO Sam Werman as he illustrates the importance of prioritizing community colleges in our...

Competency-Based Education (CBE): Creating learners for life

Check out this article as we answer the biggest questions surrounding CBE.

Moving past “same here”: How to get students to think and respond critically

Looking for deeper conversation in your classroom? Keep reading for tips on getting there

How ecoText helped students at Kent School

It is challenging to teach private school student’s about landmark Supreme Court decisions. Let alone during a...

Three Things Coming Next in Education.

Academia has changed forever

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The Future of Education Has to Be Accessible

The future of education depends on it…

Adopting Open Educational Resources Isn’t Hard

Getting started with OER is not as hard as you think

Unlocking the Comment Section

Join ecoText and OpenStax for a co-hosted panel discussion-style webinar titled “Unlocking the Comment Section"