Response to the Rise of AAPI Violence in the United States

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Posted on by Joel Nkounkou

On March 18th, Soon Chung Park (74), Hyung Jung Grant (51), Suncha Kim (69), Yon Yue (63), Delaina Ashley Yaun (33), Paul Andre Michels (54), Xiaojie Tan (49), Daoyou Feng (44) had their lives violently taken by a 21-year-old gunman in Atlanta, Georgia. We recognize the lives lost in this senseless and horrific act of violence, ignorance, and hatred and stand with the victim's families in this moment of pain and mourning.

Since last year, the advocacy group Stop AAPI Hate has documented 3,700 reports of anti-Asian verbal harassment, civil rights violations, and physical assaults. On the same day as the murders in Atlanta, 75-year-old Xiao Zhen Xie was viciously assaulted in San Francisco. These acts of violence harshly underscore a very disturbing trend growing rapidly within our nation: the rise of intense violence against the AAPI community.

We could continue to preach that we should stop hate and love more; however, if it were that simple, we would not continually see acts of violence against people of color. That is because it is not that simple. It requires the very most of everyone within our respective communities to work intentionally every day to ensure that these hateful ideologies are addressed swiftly and without hesitation.

This is the continuous effort we make at ecoText. It is our promise, without hesitation, to address hatred and bigotry in any form and build a company that is consistent with the values we hold as a community. There is unequivocal power in our diversity and respective perspectives. Through those perspectives, we can create opportunities to come together through education as it leads to the enlightenment that drives out ignorance and hatred.

With education, we can teach individuals to choose to understand rather than choosing to fear. To empathize with each other in new ways made possible through education. To embrace opportunities to learn something we did not know before. That is the purpose and the magnificent power of collaborative thinking.

ecoText is committed and will continuously strive to use education as a tool to spread awareness, empathy, compassion, and love for all.