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The way people learn is as unique as their fingerprints

Read this Op-Ed by VP of Growth Kolby Tracey who outlines the unique approach education should take to create...

Until It Works for Community Colleges, It Doesn’t Work

Read this Op-Ed by our COO Sam Werman as he illustrates the importance of prioritizing community colleges in our...

Moving past “same here”: How to get students to think and respond critically

Looking for deeper conversation in your classroom? Keep reading for tips on getting there

Waiter in an empty restaurant

The Future of Education Has to Be Accessible

The future of education depends on it…

Response to the Rise of AAPI Violence in the United States

ecoText is committed and will continuously strive to use education as a tool to spread awareness, empathy, compassion,...

One Simple Sentence

One aspect that will forever be a part of the learning process is collaboration.

Open Educational Resources Are the Love of Learning

Do you remember that feeling you would get on the first day of school? Freshly sharpened pencils and crisp notebooks...

Learning As Layered As We Are

Humans love to categorize themselves. But it can hold you back.

Three Things We Learned at OpenEd 2020

The ecoText team attended the Open Education Conference 2020, a virtual conference that brings together educators,...