Three Things Coming Next in Education.

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The pandemic has illustrated that institutions need to take steps to ensure equitable educational practices. With that in mind, many are thinking of ways education can innovate to create equal opportunities for a student’s academic and lifelong learning success.

We curated a list of trends we believe will be at the forefront of education coming soon.

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Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is the continual evaluation of a student’s competency during the learning process. Formative assessment differs from summative assessment, which you may recognize as quizzes and tests. Formative assessments provide a more equitable way for educators to measure a student’s subject knowledge. That allows them to have progress and provide support throughout the semester to increase the learning experience. Ultimately, creating equal opportunity for success within the course.

Inclusive Lesson Plans

Inclusive lesson plans ensure that the classroom curriculum is being taught from all perspectives. Inclusive lesson plans can help foster collaboration within the classroom through thoughtful conversation. This provides the opportunity for students to understand the whole picture and have a deeper appreciation for their fellow scholars.

Utilization of Classroom Technology

Classroom technology can broaden students' horizons and makes resources more engaging. EdTech can empower educators through analytics that enable real-time decisions to help students reach their full potentials. Technology can help students become more interested in the material and create opportunities for future generations to apply what they have learned in a tangible way.

As we progress into a new age in academia, shaping more equitable classrooms is going to be a defining factor. Educators leveraging alternative assessment, inclusive lesson plans within innovative classroom technologies have the ability to profoundly impact students and create learners for life.

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