5 Ways We Can Help Students During Finals

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We have all been there. Long nights, a semester's worth of notes, lots of caffeine, and never enough time to prepare. 

Finals week is often the bain of a student's existence, but with ecoText, it doesn't have to be.

Here are 5 easy ways ecoText can help you this finals season

1) Finding notes is as easy as (s, e, arch...)
Utilize the search functionality in your annotations manager to instantly sort through your notes, citations, and bookmarks. 


2) Late-night group studying can happen at home.
Create a study group and collaborate over materials from the comfort of your home.

Pro Tip:  create your study groups at the beginning of the semester and share your notes starting on day one. This will make end-of-course studying a breeze! 

create-group (1)
3) Self-quizzing your way to success

Embed quizzes into the margins of your class resources to check your knowledge as you go and have your friends share their in-text quizzes with you for extra practice! 

Quizzes on ecoText

4) Need an extra source for your research paper? You have 100,000+ options.

Browse our growing open library to find resources for your end-of-term papers and research projects. Open Educational Resources and additional open-sourced material are high quality and packed with information. Did I mention they're also free?


5) Upload your content and centralize your studying.

Your resources don't have to start and stop with your teacher. Upload content and share with friends to use the social annotations you know and love over any help. 


We hope this can help you stay organized and successful this finals season. If you try these tips, make sure to let us know by @ecoText right in the margins of the text!