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ecoText delivers digital textbooks to collegiate students via a semester subscription. Providing educational, economical and environmental value. ecoText empowers students while enhancing the resources used in class. 



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For the Modern Student

ecoText is beyond an e-reader. Collaboration features unlock unlimited sharing between users and provide not only analytics but student success metrics to institutions. ecoText has been designed to serve the needs of the education world today but additionally the evolving needs decades to come.

How Does It Work?

ecoText partners with publishers and content creators to expand a diverse digital catalog. The team works with schools to develop a pricing structure that works with them.

Students and professors can sign up to take immediate advantage of the library and technology. Institutions can enroll their students on their behalf as well.


Users can highlight, take notes, bookmark, and share these annotations with their peers.

ecoText prides itself on building a collaborative learning community. Success in education is never isolated. 

Digital Integrity
ecoText defeats the desire or the need for students to illegally torrent books. The value of annotations and insights becomes a valued bundle of the product.

Dynamic Market Place

Flat rate pricing incentivizes quality academic resources to shine. Enables smaller publisher players to compete

Student Success Metrics

Professors can track classroom progress, annotate readings and receive engagement insights on the book.

Latest Updates

Our digital marketplace ensures the latest edition of content. Updates are pushed automatically.



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