The ecoText Solution

ecoText delivers a wide range of digital textbooks from traditional premium titles to Open Educational Resources (OER). ecoText takes after the "Netflix" or “Spotify” models by offering the platform at an extremely affordable subscription for students.

ecoText is streamlining the process of obtaining textbooks by increasing convenience and affordability for all. The traditional textbook is coming to life by allowing students to engage with their books on any device. The ecoText platform includes features like note-taking, bookmarking, highlighting, keyword searching, and much more. The product was designed by modern students for modern students.

How Does It Work?

ecoText partners with publishers and content creators to expand a diverse digital catalog. The team works with schools to develop a pricing structure that works with them.

Students and professors can sign up today for free to immediately take advantage of the library and technology. Institutions can enroll their students with premium accounts as well.


Users can highlight, take notes, bookmark, and share these annotations with their peers.

ecoText prides itself on building a collaborative learning community. Success in education is never isolated. 




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