Our Mission

Create opportunity through affordability

We believe access to education can transform lives, so we built a platform that marries affordable and accessible content with engaging technology.

Nelson Thomas

Co-Founder & CEO

Nelson Thomas

Nelson co-founded ecoText alongside Jöel from a campus coffee shop. Today, he leads the company in fulfilling its mission. To lower barriers to education and empower students to build connection through the curriculum.

Jöel Nkounkou (COO)

Co-Founder & COO

Joël Nkounkou

Jöel founded ecoText out of his college apartment in 2018 to make education more equitable and affordable. Today, he ensures the companies day to day operations are aligned fulfill key outcomes that support our purpose. 

Dr. Carol Langlois (Chief Academic Officer)

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Carol Langlois

Carol Langlois Ed.D joined ecoText as an advisor after a cold email turned into a 30 min telephone call. Today, she is the company's CAO and connects with academic leadership to foster meaningful partnerships with ecoText.

A Broken System

Built by students, for students

The average student must budget $1,200 or more annually for their textbooks. Nelson and Joël  among them as undergraduates. This is simply unsustainable.

We seek to lower the cost of content, empower students to embrace education, and apply their learning for real-world outcomes.

"Creating opportunity through affordability"

Students Studying

Our Pillars

Here is what we believe.



Education is our society's single most effective vehicle to uplift people out of poverty. Through affordable access to high-quality learning technology and content, we have the opportunity to create more inclusive and engaging classrooms that help scholars build a love for learning. A skill that has the power to change their lives.  



We seek to provide a solution that no matter a student's economic background, can access a  learning platform that increases engagement and  lowers the cost of content. So students can reach their potential without drowning in debt. 



Digital content lowers the environmental impact of creating physical books, lowers the carbon footprint associated with transportation, and saves our forests from the destruction created by commercial lumbering. With ecoText, a cohort of 15,000 students can save an estimated 3,600 trees annually, a forest roughly the size of a major league baseball stadium.

Our Foundation

Here is what we promise.


To be affordable

We are driven by our mission to ensure our solution is lowering barriers to education not increasing them. 


To be accessible

We prioritize creating a platform and company that is accessible for everyone. Therefore, all can benefit and participate in ecoText. 


To be student first

The needs and outcomes of the students come first. With the help of instructors we look to build a solution that empowers learners to better themselves through education. 

Join our mission

Join us on our mission to build the future of learning, one textbook at a time.